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How To Start

Our approach is patient centered, focused on your individual makeup, lifestyle and health goals. Book your appointment online or by telephone. Meet with our Naturopathic Doctor or Nurse practitioner for a full hour initial consultation where our approach to good health begins with creating a pleasant environment and service built on the patient experience.


We will listen to your concerns and ask questions about your health goals, history and lifestyle. With that he or she will order the right array of functional and specialty lab tests. Results are usually back within two weeks and your doctor will analyze the results as a foundation for creating your treatment plan.


At your follow up appointment results will be presented and explained along with an explanation of recommendations for improving function and addressing issues. You'll have a full hour to discuss and ask questions, and your doctor will give you an organized folder that includes your individualized plan, lab results and recommendations.


In most cases your doctor will make diet change recommendations along with suggestions for lifestyle adaptations and perhaps supplements to ensure your body has everything it needs- based on the scientific evidence revealed in lab testing- to thrive and restore balance.


Prescribed supplements range from vitamins and minerals to adrenal support and amino acids. Functional lab testing may reveal hormonal imbalances in which case your doctor may prescribe bioidentical hormones.

Lab Testing at our office

  • Lab testing full panel includes approx $350

  • Hormone testing (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dhea)

  • Blood sugar and insulin

  • Adrenal stress hormones

  • Thyroid hormones and antibodies for hashimotos

  • Liver and kidney panel

  • Immune system panel

  • Advanced cholesterol panel (oxidized, size, apob)

  • Cardiovascular risk panel (Lpa, homocysteine)

  • Inflammation markers

  • Nutritional markers (Vit d, calcium, electrolytes, iron, coq10)

Specialty testing may be added:

  • Micronutrient panel (testing all vitamins and minerals)

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Heavy metal testing

  • Genetic testing (Mthfr, comt, apoE)

  • Hormone metabolite urine testing

  • Cortisol stress saliva testing

  • Neurotransmitter urine tests

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