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Kelly Austin, ND

Kelly Austin, ND

Dr. Kelly Austin graduated with her naturopathic medical degree in 2004. After practicing in Canada at numerous prestigious clinics, such as the postal service headquarters in Toronto, Nissan Canada, and several Goodlfe gyms, she relocated to San Diego to open her own family wellness practice.


Dr. Austin’s background includes receiving a science degree from the Univerity of Western Ontario. Specializing in endocrinology, especially bio-identical hormone treatment, thyroid conditions and diabetes, she sits on the advisory committee for hormone prescribing. Dr. Austin is also apart of the national lipid board association, that Makes recommendations for cardiovascular patients and prescribing I have cardiovascular medication including cholesterol and blood pressure concerns. 


One of the best parts of Kelly’s job is that we look at each condition and are able to tell the patient what is the best tools to use in order to have the best outcome in the shortest period of time using the least resources. Having both a background in functional medicine, alternative medicine and mainstream medicine, we have so many options to treat the patient. 


Dr. Austin works as a health partner to her patients and enjoys Helping them bring back the joy and wellness to their lives that they once felt or ensuring that they never lose it.


Dr. Austin enjoys exercising and teaching fitness classes, the beach, being outdoors, traveling and spending time with her two children. She is apart of the California naturopathic doctors Association and the American Association of naturopathic physicians.

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