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Hormone Therapy

BHRT (Bioidentical hormone therapy) are natural hormones that match a person's own hormones so that the body doesn't know the difference between the hormones that are made by your body or the hormones we are using in a cream or patch.


BHRT helps both men and women. Men use testosterone and DHEA and women use estrogen and progesterone. These hormones help protect your heart, build a strong bone, improve memory and cognition, make your skin have more collagen, make your hair and nails grow better, prevent hot flashes and night sweats, improve libido, help with cholesterol and blood sugar control.


There are many ways to use BHRT; cyclical rhythmic dosing, static, patches, and shots


At Prime Wellness, we specialize in cyclical rhythmic dosing. Dr. Austin is the most advanced practitioner in San Diego prescribing this method. This is a more anti-aging approach to wellness. By applying a different amount of hormone daily, we match a person's hormones at the level we make and release hormones into our system. This enables us to put our hormone levels back to a lower physiological age.


For women, estrogen and progesterone cream is rubbed onto the inner thigh. The level of hormones the body requires is known by testing the hormone blood levels. For men, the use of testosterone and DHEA is fluctuated to match their level of hormones released in the body.


At Prime Wellness, we are hormone experts and can help you decide which treatment is best for you. If one way of BHRT doesn't work for you, we can work with you to find one that suits your needs. Everyone doing BHRT is on their own unique dose. Each person has their own individual level of hormones required to make their body function at its prime. After thorough hormone blood testing, the doctors at Prime Wellness assist you in dosing the correct amount of hormones you need. We go over each blood work test with you, so you understand everything and know why you are doing what you are doing.  We are your healthcare partners, and every decision is made together, discussed and explained. Blood work is done every three months or so the first year of treatment to ensure the hormones are being balanced and you are building the appropriate amount of receptors to absorb the hormones and you are maintaining them.

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