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Weight Loss

After we do blood work, nutritional protocols including supplements and movement review, and hormones are balanced, weight loss becomes natural. To aid our patients that need extra support, Dr. Kelly Austin offers two different weight loss programs:


  1. Semaglutide

  2. hCG


Each program involves a 25-minute consultation explaining the program, reviewing health history, getting baselines such as weight, and administration of the first injection.


With Semaglutide, a weekly subcutaneous injection is done at the office or self-injected. This causes appetite suppression, improves insulin sensitivity, and inhibits glucagon secretion. This is FDA approved for patients having trouble losing weight. After a month, we do a follow up and check in and then increase the dose for the next month. Then we do another check in and dose increase every month up to week 17 onwards. Patients can stop at any time once desired weight is achieved.


With hCG, a daily subcutaneous injection is self-injected at home. This program is 30 days and can include a special diet. It can be done every 30 days with a couple weeks break in between. This works by helping hormones function better. 

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