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PRIME WELLNESS - What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

I normally do not give reviews, but Prime Wellness is an outstanding clinic. I have been a patient for eight years. My understanding is that Dr. Austin is one of the pioneers in women’s health care. She and her staff really care about their patients, and they do stupendous work. I have been much healthier since I became their patient. The doctors I deal with her in Seattle are very subpar by comparison; my internist here in Seattle called me a fat Harpy in his notes.

I have been dealing with some ongoing health issues for a year now, having seen several specialist and multiple tests with no answers or even possibilities. Dr. Austin’s attention to detail and depth of potential diagnosis as it relates to my symptoms was more comprehensive and informative than the collective health care I had previously received. Looking forward to working with her to solve some of my health challenges.

Dr. Austin makes it east to get the health care I need. As a pharmacist I know that so many drugs prescribed by traditional doctors are not helping patients resolve their health issues. They treat symptoms, not causes of illness. Dr. Austin excels at finding the causes of problems and knows how to treat them quickly and safely. Additionally, her front office staff is wonderful. You will love Michelle and the girls. You will love Michelle and the girls. They are always helpful and friendly.

Dr. Kelly Austin is a great listener! She truly is interested and vested in the betterment of her patient’s health. She offers good, most current and updated advice, at the same time as she is open and interested in learning from her patients experiences. Dr. Austin makes her patients feel worthy.

I recently had my consult with Dr. Austin to go over my lab work and she is a great cheerleader of the improvements I’ve made as a result of following her customized protocols. She will dig in, research and even consult with others for her patient’s excellent outcome. I am blessed to call her my doctor and look forward to working together for my best health!

Great as usual, I would like also to Thank all the ladies in the office- they are very professional, helpful, and really care about patients. Great staff!

I’ve had wonderful results after following Kelly Austin’s excellent knowledge of the body’s various needs and treatments/organic treatment to make you body feel it’s best. The office is very friendly and efficient. Thanks you

Dr. Kelly Austin and her terrific staff are absolute miracle workers. I have suffered with chronic fatigue, depression, lack of vitality and many other symptoms that impacted my life for years. Dr. Austin got to the root-cause right away and not I have a new lot in life. I feel like myself again, have plenty of energy, can exercise again, my mood is bright and my blood work has been the tangible proof that my body is healing from the inside out. Do this for yourself!

I have been going to Prime Wellness in Rancho Bernardo for several years and have always received excellent care. My thyroid numbers are where they should be and my energy level is very good. The vitamin shots are a godsend and Mariah is wonderful at asking questions and providing advice and direction. All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, courteous and professional. Thank you!

Since I live in Escondido its not always convenient to go to Rancho Bernardo Prime Wellness. 15 minute phone consult is a great idea and I want to thank Mariah for taking the time to review my file and ask those pointed and helpful questions regarding my health. Also the staff is ALWAYS super helpful and friendly! Love Prime Wellness!

Since I live 90 north of LA, San Diego would be a hike for me. So our phone conversations are important to me. Everyone (and I mean everyone) is well informed and I don’t have to make an appointment with the Doctor every time I want a question answered. If the staff doesn’t know the answer to my question they will ask someone who would know. I can’t rave enough about Dr. Kelly Austin and Mariah Mellinger NP, and their staff. I highly recommend them.

I’m so happy I got involved with Prime Wellness. All the staff (and I mean all) are very knowledgeable and helpful. I work mainly with Dr. K. Austin and Mariah Mellinger, NP. They are both well-spoken and educated with bio identical hormones and I’m feeling pretty wonderful because of their dedication and knowledge. I appreciate all they do and the staff and I highly recommend this life changing holistic group to anyone. Thank you for being you.

The Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I received and IV treatment, they made it easy for me, I trust there work

I absolutely love Kelly Austin, ND…she is amazing and her staff is too. They went the extra mile in helping me with my hormone creams. I had some challenges in finding a proper compounding pharmacy in my State and they resolved the issue and went above and beyond to help me. I am feeling great because of them. I will continue to work with them and I am extremely satisfied!

Very professional very thorough in her explanation I was treated by all the people I came in contact with respect and a caring approach.

I appreciate how Prime Wellness is working with me to promote fertility. I would have never been able to figure out what supplements could improve my egg quality on my own. I also like that they ask about lifestyle and treat me holistically.

Life changing! So happy I found them. I Started on bio identical hormones and I feel like I’m alive again. The Staff is so nice and helpful and return e mails and calls in timely manner. They check up to make sure everything is going well and if we need to change anything. Plus on Saturday a nurse comes to east county (santee) and gives B injections HIGHLY recommend .

Excellent discussion and continued focus on patient well being and care. I appreciate the ability to remain a valued client even while living outside of CA.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Austin’s office for a number of years now and have always had a great experience with their staff and care. Top notch healthcare. I highly recommend them!

Because we got my hormones finally balanced, I feel wonderful. The headaches I had been having are mostly gone and everyday is such a blessing to feel this amazing. My days are fulled with energy and the joy of living without pain. I’m so grateful for Ms. Austin’s knowledge that she gives so freely. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Had a great experience with my initial meeting about my health concerns. Took time to explain and set a plan for my long term goals. Looking forward to my next consultation

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