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Everlasting Energy: Find Your Fatigue-Fighting Superpower

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Spring is here. The sun is shining, and the days are getting longer. Unfortunately, though, your energy levels aren’t quite matching up to these longer days and shorter nights. But even if you find yourself running on fumes long before it’s time to turn in for the night, take heart. You can regain your vim and vigor.

The key just may be infusing your body with those essential vitamins, minerals, and micro and macro nutrients it needs to power through the day.

Fueling Your Body for Lasting Energy

Your body is the most complex and miraculous machine ever to exist. Every second of every day, your cells are hard at work, performing literally billions of cellular reactions essential to keeping you alive, healthy, and vital.

It’s little wonder that your body gets tired—and not just bone-tired, but cell-tired too. That’s especially true if you’re not feeding your cells properly or treating them kindly by getting consistent, quality sleep, keeping well hydrated, and staying physically active.

Fierce and Fabulous Fatigue-Fighters

Your body needs a clean, well-balanced, whole diet to keep your cells nourished and energized, but when it comes to fighting fatigue, there are a few specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need to pay attention to.

Proteins are your cells’ building blocks. They’re essential in helping your cells repair themselves and build tissue. While many foods, from eggs to nuts to dairy and lean meats, are rich in protein, you may not be able to get all the protein you need from diet alone. Supplements such as protein powder are a great way to boost your energy by giving your cells the extra nourishment they may need.

Vitamins are also critical for energy. Deficiencies in vitamin B can cause severe fatigue, along with weakness, confusion, and tingling and numbness in the limbs.

Deficiencies in vitamin B can also be linked to anemia, which is another common cause of significant fatigue and weakness. Iron deficiency is also often related to anemia. In cases of both vitamin B and iron deficiency, the blood does not produce enough red blood cells to properly oxygenate the body, depriving your cells of life-sustaining oxygen and causing them to work that much harder to keep your body alive and functioning.

Then there are the electrolytes. Electrolyte imbalances can produce a whole host of sometimes terrifying symptoms, from extreme fatigue to muscle weakness and twitching to confusion to cardiac arrhythmias.

How Prime Wellness Can Help

At Prime Wellness, our caring integrative and functional medicine specialists are uniquely qualified to help you find your strength and vitality again. We offer on-site laboratory testing, including complete blood screenings, to identify any nutritional, hormonal, or metabolic deficiencies that may be causing or contributing to your fatigue.

Once we have your results, we work with you to define the personalized treatment strategy that best meets your needs and goals. We are proud to offer a full suite of supplements, vitamin injections, and IV therapies to ensure your body has all it needs to heal and thrive.

Contact the expert team at Prime Wellness today to discuss how we can help you feel like your vital and vibrant self once again!


Specialty Services


IV Therapy

The number one way to receive large doses and multiple vitamins in one IV bag.

This is the best IV bag when you are trying to prevent sickness, stay well, or are treating a sickness. This vitamin IV bag contains high doses of vitamin C and other nutrients to make your immune system strong again.

New patients are required to do an IV consult prior to having an IV administered at our office. Please contact our office to book your IV consult appointment.


Botox & Fillers

We are now offering Botox the first Thursday of every month

$10 per unit all of April and March!

Semiglutide Injections

We believe in treating from the inside out. Our naturopathic practitioners help patients look and feel great. But, for those patients who want help to achieve the look they want, we offer Botox and micro needling treatments.

Book your appointment or go to our website to learn more!


Vitamin Injections

We are now offering shots on Saturday again!

Click here to view our updated injection locations!

Vitamin injections are administered anywhere from weekly to monthly to help with anything from immunity, energy, and recovery, to adrenal stress reduction. We offer injections with B vitamins, vitamin C, glutathione, and more.

Injections are done at our office as well as at several satellite clinics all through San Diego. No appointment is required, all places are on a walk-in basis for patients as well as the public.

Click here to view our B12 injection schedule.


Product Recommendation


Prime Wellness will work with you to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and customize a treatment program to get you back to feeling your best – inside and out. Our team of naturopathic doctors and experts use advanced functional lab testing to uncover exactly what is causing your health concerns. This proven method takes the guesswork out of the equation so you get the right treatment program for you specifically, ensuring fast and effective results.


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