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Lighten Up: Your Guide to Summer Weight Loss

Lighten Up: Your Guide to Summer Weight Loss

Summer’s here and pool season is officially upon us, and that means it’s time to break out the shorts and the tank tops, the sundresses, and (gulp) the swimsuits.

If these bright and sunny days are finding you feeling a bit less than your best, there’s no reason to despair. There’s still time to shed those extra pounds and gain the body and health you might have thought you’d lost forever.

Most important of all, you don’t have to turn to unhealthy (and ultimately ineffective) crash diets and questionable weight loss drugs to do it. It’s possible to slim down safely and naturally, with evidence-based therapies that promote healthy and long-lasting weight loss. We’ll show you how!

Berberine GT

Berberine GT, from Metagenics, is a natural supplement that is showing immense promise in supporting weight loss. It’s a botanical compound that has been associated with improved metabolic functioning, enhanced blood glucose control, and significant appetite reduction. If you are having trouble dropping weight, and particularly the visceral (belly) fat often associated with diabetes and “metabolic syndrome,” then Berberine GT can provide just the metabolic boost you need to more effectively manage your diabetes and eliminate that stubborn belly bulge.

MIC Shots

If you’re looking for a little help in getting rid of those excess pounds, oral supplements aren’t your only option. In fact, MIC shots are powerful agents shown to boost your metabolism and supercharge fat burning in a safe and natural way. MIC shots combine essential B vitamins with powerful amino acids to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, decrease your appetite, and reduce your body’s fat stores. That means you’ll feel like moving more and eating less, even as your body becomes leaner, trimmer, stronger, and more vital.

How Prime Wellness Can Help

At Prime Wellness, we are proud to offer a full range of weight loss solutions customized to your individual health needs and goals. Our functional medicine specialists provide full metabolic screenings and personalized treatment plans to help you achieve healthy and lasting weight loss. Contact the caring team at Prime Wellness today to discuss how our evidence-based weight loss programs can help you!


Specialty Service


MIC Shots

Weight Loss, Cholesterol, Mental Health, Hormonal Health

One of Dr. Kelly Austin's favorite vitamin shots, the MIC shot is a lypotropic shot that helps catalyse the breakdown of fat in the body. This shot comprised of methionine, inositol, and choline aids in weight loss, cholesterol issues, and may improve mental and hormonal health.

Visit one of our vitamin injection locations and experience the benefits of the MIC shot!

Book your appointment or go to our website to learn more!


Vitamin Injections

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Vitamin injections are administered anywhere from weekly to monthly to help with anything from immunity, energy, and recovery, to adrenal stress reduction. We offer injections with B vitamins, vitamin C, glutathione, and more.

Injections are done at our office as well as at several satellite clinics all through San Diego. No appointment is required, all places are on a walk-in basis for patients as well as the public.

Click here to view our B12 injection schedule.


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Prime Wellness will work with you to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and customize a treatment program to get you back to feeling your best – inside and out. Our team of naturopathic doctors and experts use advanced functional lab testing to uncover exactly what is causing your health concerns. This proven method takes the guesswork out of the equation so you get the right treatment program for you specifically, ensuring fast and effective results.


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