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Six Steps to Reboot Your Wellness Resolutions

Transform Your Health with Lifestyle Changes

With the summer months approaching, we may find that our well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have fallen to the wayside. A group of local wellness experts share how to turn the guilt of those missed goals into long-lasting and self-empowering lifestyle changes.

1. Establish New Wellness Habits and Be Patient with Yourself

According to Tara Steinke, ND, co-founder of Naturopathic Rx in Rancho Santa Fe, it’s important to have compassion for yourself when implementing a wellness habit-changing process. Habits are our automatic ways of doing things. We get so used to doing things a certain way that we become complacent with our own programming. Take a look at habits that don’t support your wellness and acknowledge that change can be rewarding.

To set yourself up for successful change, Steinke recommends you have a realistic plan for balanced living by taking a step-by-step approach focusing on one new healthy habit at a time. Then, give yourself time and space while working through it. By acknowledging that it takes real effort to form new long-term habits, the process can feel more freeing and organic. And, the powerful experience of establishing healthier habits can seem less overwhelming and more like a long-term healthy program in progress.

2. Quantify Your Well-Being and Integrate Wearables

Kelly Austin, ND, founder of Prime Wellness, performs lifestyle assessments including hormonal bloodwork on patients. “For some of my patients, the quantitative results motivate them to change their behavior because they see what a difference it makes in their overall health,” she says.

While Austin uses bloodwork to assess patient health several times a year, often these baseline measurements are collected less frequently, during annual doctor’s visits. In the interim, various metrics of your health can be measured using devices such as an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or ŌURA ring, among other wearables. According to Michael Kurisu, DO, founder of Measured Wellness, an innovative clinic offering remote patient monitoring, “The majority of health care information is collected periodically during doctor’s visits. Wearables are a game changer because they allow for the continual tracking of health metrics over time. Monitoring these variables demonstrates patterns and trends to give deeper insights on someone’s health journey. Continual tracking of the metrics greatly increases patient engagement in their own healthcare, thereby supporting long-term changes.”

Ranch & Coast Magazine

Featured Photo Stephanie Parisi, founder of Stephanie Parisi Studio, emphasizes wellness-based principles when designing furnishings and interiors for her clients. In this custom mid-century modern headboard, science and aesthetics are bridged with the beauty of natural stones and woods integrated with recessed circadian lighting


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