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Please stop in to try one of our new products. Introducing the healthiest, most delicious foods that will help supplement your nutrition and take it to the next level of health. Now available at our Wellness Center:

Coconut butter: This organic, raw product is made from the flesh of coconuts. Coconut butter consists of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that support healthy cell membranes. Lauric acid is embedded in coconut butter and expresses modulating properties against fungi, viral agents, and bacterial which helps to elevate the immune system.

Nut butters: These nut butters add variety to your diet and are great substitutions for peanut butter. In the Paleo corner you can find macadamia nut butter, almond butter, pecan butter, walnut butter, cashew butter and cacao bliss.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil can be used for nearly everything from cooking to beauty products. Coconut oil consists of medium chain fatty acids and is one of the best oils to cook with since it is stable at high temperatures. It also has anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties and is a great energy boost, which may help weight loss.

AMRAP bars: These bars are one of the cleanest proteins bars available. The bars are made with real food, raw ingredients, no preservatives, and are gluten/soy-free. They contain the complete amino acid profile and essential micronutrients required for muscle growth and repair.

Coconut aminos: Trying to avoid soy or gluten? Coconut aminos are a great choice if you are looking for a substitute for soy/teriyaki sauce. They can also be used in dressings, marinades, sautés, and with sushi. Coconut aminos come from the raw sap of coconut making this an enzymatically alive condiment with naturally occurring amino acids.

Coconut flour: Looking for a substitute for baking, thickening sauces and soups, breading? Try coconut flour! This brand is a raw, gluten-free, and low carb option for those looking to be more creative with their real foods lifestyle. It’s also a good source of dietary fiber that aids in digestive health and helps balance blood sugar levels.

Coconut flakes: Looking for a fun, satisfying snack? Add some coconut flakes to mixed nuts, sprinkle on top of fruit, toast in the oven for a caramelized treat, or just enjoy plain.

Jerky: No sugar added! Looking for a boost on protein while you’re on the go? This is a great grass-fed option that will help you stick with your clean eating lifestyle. High in healthy Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Paleo Kits Condiments: Looking for a clean dressing without rancid vegetables oils, added sugars or tons of artificial ingredients? We offer several different salad dressings flavors including wild berry, ginger cilantro, maple mustard, and tomato balsamic. We also carry a peach BBQ sauce and a Paleo ketchup.



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