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5 Supplement Must Haves For Back To School Nutrition

The time when back to school season is coming up has plenty of transitions for you and your children to adjust to, from new backpacks and notebooks to new teachers, schools, and friends. Most of us, though, often overlook the fact that our kids’ bodies are also adjusting to the changes, and they’ll need all the help they can get. Naturally sourced supplements are a great way to ensure that your children are getting the nutrition they need in their busy schedules. Which kind of nutritional supplements have the greatest impact in pediatric nutrition during the school season? Find out below as we uncover five of these remarkable supplements to power them through the day.

1. Multivitamins

An increasing amount of scientific studies are confirming the common saying that we truly are what we eat, and our children’s performances in school are no exception. The stresses at school that often deplete many essential nutrients can be replenished with a quality multivitamin. A good number of doctors in pediatrics recommend supplementing your child’s diet with a multivitamin if he is eating low amounts of a certain food group, such as vegetables.  And while the nutritional profile of standard school cafeteria menus has improved over the years, multivitamins can help bridge the missing gap.

2. Vitamin C

Your child may bring home stacks of homework, stories to swap, and plenty of other things from school, but the germs don’t have to be one of them. Arm her immune system with a Vitamin C supplement to reduce days missed from school and prevent common illnesses from creeping into your household. A steady amount of Vitamin C is also excellent support for her growing body and strengthens bones, skin, hair, and much more for years to come.

3. Vitamin D3

Most of us are taught how important it is for our children to get enough calcium into their daily diet. But are they getting enough Vitamin D? This essential vitamin, with the most common form being D3, is responsible for helping our bodies to absorb calcium, and it supports a strong immune system too. Our bodies can manufacture Vitamin D on our own with at least 15 minutes of sunlight exposure, but for those of us who live in northern climates or inside buildings most of the day, our Vitamin D levels could be lacking. If your child’s doctor confirms that his Vitamin D blood levels are low, consider getting him a Vitamin D supplement in liquid form. The convenient dropper delivery system tends to be easier to administer to children, especially if they’re picky eaters.

4. Omega 3

A child’s brain constantly learns new things every day, so it makes sense to give it the right fuel to keep her going. The DHA and EPA in the Omega 3 fatty acid have been clinically shown to improve healthy brain function, particularly in children since they are vital building blocks for their growth and development. For this reason, Omega 3 provides a host of nutritional benefits that include improvement in cognitive functions, hand-eye coordination, mood, test scores, and even social skills at school. It’s typically found in food sources like sardines, salmon, tuna, sunflower seeds, and nuts, but if allergy-prone nuts are not allowed in her classroom or if eating fish isn’t appealing for your child, try giving her a kid-friendly Omega 3 supplement instead.

5. Probiotics

“Good” bacteria levels in the gut are just as important for kids as they are for adults. Probiotics support a number of key functions in the body, including digestion, the immune system, and even skin health. While stress that your child experiences from school, illness, and antibiotics commonly lower probiotic levels, a consistent kid-friendly probiotic replenishment can help solve the problem. Once your child’s probiotics are in balance, he’ll be back up and running in no time!

These types of supplements are just a few of many others that help children in school perform at their peak and feel good from the inside out. And even if your child is a picky eater, there are a number of naturally sourced delicious flavors available in easy to digest forms. To see more kid-friendly Metagenics vitamins and supplements, you can shop for them now at our website. Give your children a healthy head start in their learning this year with natural supplements.



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