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Back to School: Boost Memory and Cognitive Function

With the new year’s school season quickly approaching, ensuring both yours and your child’s memory function is key to a successful upcoming year. Whether you are a busy parent of one child or an entire household, knowing a few techniques along with the right supplement to implement is essential to guarantee you are able to take on each and every challenge that comes your way while your children head off to school this year. Boosting your memory and cognitive function is not only ideal if you are focusing on a specific project, but it is also important to manage your daily life while enduring the hustle and bustle of school, work, and family life simultaneously.

Getting Enough Sleep and Rest

Getting an adequate amount of sleep and rest each day is imperative to healthy brain and memory function. Making sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep each night is necessary to avoid keeping your brain and body from getting the most out of each day. If you are unable to sleep for eight hours each night, consider incorporating a nap within your days or after a hard day of work to boost your energy and overall brain function. Cutting back on caffeine is also recommended to avoid interrupting your sleeping patterns while allowing your metabolism to adjust without the use of coffee, tea, or other supplemental drinks you may enjoy. Instead, opt for decaf coffee or other caffeine-free drinks to keep you hydrated without adding stress to your body.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is also essential to keep your body working properly in order to work on boosting cognitive function and both short and long-term memory abilities. Whenever you are feeling extremely tired, grab a glass of water to help “pep” you up. We are often dehydrated after a full night of rest when sleeping normal hours. Upon waking, consider placing a glass of water near your bed each morning to help wake yourself up with a refreshing beverage that is essential to everyday life.

Brain Games and Challenges

Keeping your brain as active as possible helps with everyday life skills such as problem solving and the ability to think “outside of the box” with enhanced cognitive thinking skills and functions. Download free applications and games to your phone and computer to test your math abilities, linguistic skills, and problem-solving methods daily. Challenge yourself with new ideas, plans, and execute them as best as you can each day. The more new ideas and challenges you are able to introduce to your life each day, the better off your brain becomes in the long-term. Think of your mind and brain as another muscle in your body at all times–a muscle that requires care, attention, and exercise consistently. Exercising your brain is a part of life, and ultimately, allows you to generate new neuron pathways and solutions the more you are willing to work with it in everyday situations.

Choosing the Right Diet

Selecting the right diet is also a key factor to long-term memory boosting and overall positive cognitive function. Avoid junk food and processed foods as much as possible. Eat ingredients that are whole, healthy, and without additives whenever possible. Of course this may be nearly impossible when dining out or ordering in without planning ahead properly. However, learning more about nutrition and the right ingredients to add into your everyday diet can drastically improve the overall workings of your brain and cognitive function. Foods that are too high in processed ingredients and sodium may quickly bring you down and cause you to feel overwhelmed, tired, and unable to think properly or maintain your focus. If you have additional health issues that you struggle with daily, choosing the right diet is often the best solution to help resume normality while allowing your mind and body to both function properly simultaneously.

Attencia Supplement for Memory and Cognitive Function

One of the best products available to help with boosting your cognitive function while assisting with both short and long-term memory includes Attencia from Metagenics. Learn more about Attencia and how it can help in your everyday life today.  Attencia is a supplement that is formulates to help promote focus and attention. The caffeine within Attencia is from phyto-nutrient rich green coffee bean extract in addition to guarana extract. Additionally, Attencia contains L-theanine, zinc, and omega fatty acids to help with promoting and supporting both cognitive function along with overall alertness without chemicals and ingredients that may be harmful or damaging to the body. Reducing anxiety without a strange feeling is now possible with Attencia due to the L-theanine it contains. Forget using coffee that may cause you jitters along with anxiety and switch to a more natural solution for your brain and body.

Becoming familiar with the best techniques and supplements to assist with boosting memory and cognitive function in everyday life is beneficial at any age, regardless of your schedule. Taking the time to get familiar with what works for you is a way to ensure you are on the right path to success while retaining your memory and the ability to manage your life and household with ease.



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