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Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine

Visiting a Naturopathic Doctor  is a unique and refreshing approach to your health. Why? Because we know that you are different from everyone else; genetically, physically, and emotionally. Who you are today is an accumulation of all these things, and all of these may be suppressing or supporting your wellness. After getting to know you during your first visit which, unlike other doctor visits, can be 1-2 hours, we may suggest traditional or some not so traditional testing to further investigate what is going on with your health, looking at the signs, the symptoms, underlying causes, and facts. A blend of modern scientific knowledge, and traditional or natural medicine, we’ll likely prescribe a protocol that includes diet, lifestyle changes and supplements to help address your health concerns.  This patient oriented approach to health, were we take the time to get to know you and your needs, allows for a supportive and healthy relationship with your Doctor and we believe this is the future of medicine.

Prime Wellness is celebrating Naturopathic Medicine this month through informative lectures in the San Diego area and 5 minute Cholesterol Testing in our Solana Beach office. We want to share our knowledge and build relationships with our community, please join us at any of the following events:

Cholesterol Testing: Oct. 11th- Oct. 25th

100 S. Cedros, Solana Beach Ca 92075

B12 Vitamin Lecture with Dr. Natasha Monterey:

10/19/2017: Eastlake Sprouts 6:30-7:30p

Unveil & Release: Natural Medicine and Yoga for Anxiety and Stress with Dr. Kelly Austin & Dr. Natasha Monterey

10/28/2017: Yoga six 4s Ranch 3p-5p

Check out this link to sign up –



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