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Daily Habits for Good Mental Health

Most of us focus on the physical body when taking care of ourselves. But, a comprehensive care routine should also include improving our mental health. In fact, failure to pay attention to the optimal mental health can get in the way of our overall physical health and ultimately make our lives redundant. Put differently, focusing on our mental health boosts the immune system, productivity and helps us live longer. The following daily habits can come in handy in improving the overall mental health of an individual.

Watch your diet

Diet has a direct and an indirect relationship with our mental health. Some of the nutrients found in our diet form the basic blocks for neurotransmitters that regulate mood and decrease the risk of depression such as serotonin and dopamine. On the other hand, being in good shape always makes us feel good about ourselves and boosts self-confidence and thereby good mental health. A keto diet is great for nourishing our physical and mental health, especially when on a weight loss program.  Some of the brain foods recommended by nutritionists include, but is not limited to; Lentils, Salmon, Sweet potatoes, and Bananas.


Exercising daily has a positive impact on brain function, self-image, recovery from different forms of addiction and anxiety. Many of us don’t exercise because we probably think that exercising is tedious and time-consuming. But, in contrast, dedicating a few minutes to doing light exercises to keep the heart rate up on a daily basis is enough to work the magic and keep our mental health stable.


We are social beings by nature, and thus it is essential to spend time with friends and family every once in a while to avoid affecting our mental health negatively. This involves physical interactions in a group environment and cannot be replaced with a simple text or email. In the unfortunate case of unavailability of family or friends, one can join clubs to fill that void and connect.


10 to 15 minutes of meditating every day can go a long way in ensuring good mental health. Although it is not an easy exercise to master, once mastered the technique is a great way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. One can begin with five minutes of alone time every morning and later progress.

Get sufficient sleep

Getting adequate sleep may seem like a luxury we cannot afford when we have so many things on our plate, but it is not. Sleep allows our brain to relax and energize before the start of the day, therefore, keeping us motivated throughout the day. Enough sleep does not necessarily mean eight hours a day as everyone has different requirements, but it is important to avoid exhaustion which will lead to anxiety and even depression

Be courteous

Doing something nice for someone other than ourselves always ends up putting a smile on us making us feel better. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia showed that doing nice things for other people greatly improves your mood and in the process reduces anxiety and social avoidance. It is therefore essential to give a compliment or hold a door for someone else even when you don’t have to.

Express Gratitude

In the fast-paced world challenges of life can seem so overwhelming to the extent that most people feel like there is nothing to be grateful about. However, incorporating a few minutes gratitude practice in a small journal is a great way to get started. Expressing gratitude has a positive impact on our mindsets, and when done daily it can lower the stress levels and ultimately boost the immune system. In other words, the more we focus on the good things in life, the more goodness manifests on our faces.

Learn something new

Learning is a continuous process. When we develop a habit of picking up a new hobby or learning something from the internet or a magazine we expand our knowledge and manage to keep a positive outlook as we grow. In fact, people who spend their leisure learning new things and enriching their scope of knowledge exhibit greater mental wellbeing. It enables us to cope better with stressful moments in life.

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