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Everything You Need to Know About a Healthy HPA Axis

Life is often fraught with stress, and the physical, emotional, and mental stressors we encounter daily can have a large impact on our health.  As more patients present with fatigue and stress, and a broad array of other symptoms such as low libido, poor sleep, weakness, poor immune function, and the dreaded brain fog it is extremely important to address stress related pathologies.

Taking a good look into the bodies hypothalamic pituitary adrenal, or HPA, axis, we can see how this adrenal system is developed to help you handle stress appropriately, actively mitigating the effects of stress and returning your body to a state of healthy system homeostasis. However, as is the case for many people in our very busy world, too many daily stressors can throw this system out of balance, causing you to suffer health problems from chronic stress exposure and adrenal fatigue.

This guide can help you to better understand the importance of a healthy HPA axis and how to keep it in balance naturally by ensuring your body receives the nutrients and rejuvenation it needs most during critical moments of stress in our lives.

Understanding Your HPA Axis

The HPA axis handles the bodies biological response to stress and anxiety. Consisting of a complicated set of hormone related signals between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenals, the HPA axis regulates everything from the libido to your metabolism and is the key player in determining how the body will secrete hormones.

The Hypothalamus is located just above the brain stem and links the nervous system to the endocrine system and is primarily involved in the function of the metabolism.

The Pituitary Gland is also located at the top of the brain stem just below the hypothalamus and is in charge of releasing the proper hormones to keep the body normalized and in homeostasis.

The Adrenal Glands are located just on top of the kidneys. The purpose of these glands is to release several hormones related to stress, blood pressure and sex hormones.

When the HPA axis is chronically impacted by stress biological resilience is eroded and our metabolic reserve and long term capacity to respond to change is impeded causing changes in hormonal outputs, such as cortisol, that can negatively impact our sleep, blood sugar levels, mood, fertility and many other important functions.

Every time you encounter a stressor, your body releases cortisol for several hours afterward, causing the concentration in your blood to reach dangerous levels. When this happens, your HPA axis kicks into overdrive. Any subsequent stress responses at this point can trigger the excessive release of alarm chemicals in your brain. Continued exposure to high levels of these chemicals can impact your mental and physical health.

Natural Ways to Restore Your Healthy HPA Axis

Although you cannot completely stop stress and anxiety from entering your life, you can take steps to keep your HPA axis healthy despite demands on this system. Here are a few ways to accomplish this goal.


Adaptogens are natural health substances that help your HPA axis activate and return to a balanced state without putting too much extra stress on your body. You can acquire all of the key stress management adaptogens from Metagenics line of supportive formulas. These formulas provide nutritional support for the complete care of your adrenal system and help you relax in the face of daily stressors.


When your body lacks key nutrients that are absent from your daily diet, your ability to handle stress and anxiety markedly decreases. You can improve your stress management abilities by committing to a diet with the right level of calories and nutrients for your body type and activity levels. Make sure that the foods you eat each day provide at least 100 percent of the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive.

Lifestyle Changes

Eating regular meals, completing daily exercise routines and keeping a positive attitude can all go a long way in keeping your HPA axis healthy. As you make lifestyle changes, you will likely feel a difference in the way you feel, both mentally and physically. You may notice you have more energy and can tolerate stressors that come your way much easier while finding calm faster than ever before. When paired with a healthy diet and adaptogen formulas, you can achieve true balance day after day.

How Prime Wellness Can Help

If you are ready to help your body remain healthy in the face of stress and anxiety, partner with Prime Wellness, your leading Metagenics product provider, to obtain the supportive you need. With stress management adaptogens from Metagenics, such as Adreset, you can achieve systemic homeostasis and keep your HPA axis healthy and functioning at at its prime.

Call our office or visit our website to book an appointment today.



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