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How Thyroid Function Correlates With Skin Health

Protecting your skin is essential as the skin is our largest organ in the body. Understanding the link between proper thyroid function and skin health allows you to take more control of your thyroid whether you suffer from hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or autoimmune thyroiditis.

Why Does Thyroid Function Matter?

Thyroid function is necessary for a balanced life and the ability to live without issues ranging from rapid weight gain/loss to thinning hair, depression, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, and more. Thyroid hormones keep a variety of systems in the body in check at all times from your stomach to your memory. When an individual suffers from a thyroid disease, they are unable to make enough hormones (hypothyroidism) or they are producing too many hormones for the body (hyperthyroidism). Ultimately, thyroid function can impact skin health when not tended to and managed with ongoing medications and natural detoxification.

How Thyroid Function Correlates With Skin Health

For patients who have hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid), they are more likely to produce too many hormones, which can cause a condition such as thyrotoxicosisThyrotoxicosis leads to hyperpigmented skin, darkened areas of skin, and thicker skin in various areas of the body.

For those struggling with hypothyroidism, patients often report skin conditions ranging from eczema, psoriasis, and areas of the skin blistering. Itchy, red patches of skin are also common when there are not enough thyroid hormones being made for the body. Individuals who have hypothyroidism or an autoimmune thyroid disease are less likely to have the ability to send blood through the entire body, helping the skin to rid and remove waste and harmful bacteria from the body and gut. Hypothyroidism can often cause less than one fourth to one fifth of the normal blood flow to the skin in an individual without any thyroid dysfunction.

Improving Thyroid Function With Natural Health Solutions

While most patients are prescribed a synthetic thyroid medication to balance their TSH, T3, and T4 hormone levels, there are other methods to keep your thyroid on track and functioning at its best possible levels. Exploring ways to tackle digestive concerns and learning to effectively handle stress and anxiety in everyday life are vital to avoid contributing to negative function of your thyroid and there are many natural supplements and lifestyle changes available to help manage individual thyroid issues.

Choosing a Paleo or Keto Diet

Eliminating starchy and sugary foods can drastically improve skin health and also contributes to better memory and less “brain fog”. Choosing a natural diet such as paleo or keto (both low in carbohydrates and sugars) allows the body to change the way you digest foods and burn fat. Rather than targeting sugar and carbohydrates to burn first, the body begins burning fat before sugars when in “ketosis”. Many individuals report better memory, less fatigue, and better overall digestive function when eliminating processed foods and foods that are overly sugary and starchy. Additionally, a low-carb diet is highly beneficial for those struggling with achieving weight loss, as paleo and keto methods of eating help with burning fat (ideal for patients with an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism). With the right ingredients and healthy food choices, keep your digestive system and “gut health” balanced while ensuring your skin is not overloaded with “bad bacteria” that is more difficult for the body to rid with thyroid conditions.

Natural Stress and Anxiety Relievers

Meditation, increasing self-awareness, and breathing techniques are all recommended for anyone struggling with thyroid conditions as they assist with maintaining a balanced mind, heart function, and the ability to tackle emotional and mental struggles. Because thyroid diseases have the ability to increase heart rates and trigger stress, it is imperative to keep breathing exercises and meditation techniques available to avoid further damage to your body over time.

Supplements and Detox Systems

Using natural supplements available from Metagenics is a way to boost your overall immune system with everything ranging from stress supplements to entire detoxification systems for the body. Providing enough vitamins and mineral supplements for your body and skin helps to keep you healthy and able to function normally while managing your thyroid condition or disease.

The more aware you are of your thyroid levels at all times, the easier it becomes to properly control and balance them with the right medication, stress and anxiety reduction therapies, and improved nutrition. By understanding various triggers your thyroid condition causes, avoid potential “flare ups” and keep your skin happy and healthy!



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