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Improve Your Focus and Limit Distractions With These Top Tips

Staying focused and limiting distractions throughout the day is not always a simple feat, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment that requires constant communication. Learning how to improve your focus and limit distractions in any situation is possible with a few lifestyle changes and improvements that are possible with commitment and consistency.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you can make to drastically improve your ability to focus. The average adult requires anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to help avoid an increased risk of anxiety, depression, irritability, and other serious physical side effects that occur over time. Ensuring you get enough sleep is essential to keep your mind well-rested and prepared to take on the tasks each day has to offer without feeling bombarded, overwhelmed, and distracted.

Create and Stick to a Schedule

While it is necessary to get an adequate amount of sleep each night, it is also necessary to create and stick to a schedule and daily routine. Going to bed each night at the same time and getting to work with a steady routine in place helps to stay focus without becoming distracted or veering from your schedule. Use a calendar or a scheduling app to keep track of chores, appointments, and other errands you need to complete each day to avoid feeling forgetful or overwhelmed when attempting to remember your daily tasks off of the top of your head.

Break Down Tasks

After you have a schedule and routine in place, break down the tasks you have at-hand into smaller ones to limit distractions and feeling a loss of motivation. Rather than using “Clean kitchen” in your task list, try breaking it down into smaller sections, ie: “Sweep floors”, “Wipe stove”, “Clean sink”. Breaking your larger tasks into smaller ones is a way to stay focused on each individual chore while feeling more satisfied as you complete an item on your to-do list in less time.

Regular Meditation

Regular meditation is extremely beneficial for individuals looking to increase focus while remaining in control when limiting everyday distractions. Meditate at least 10 minutes a day in any position without background noise or phone interruptions. Use guided online meditation tutorials to learn how to keep distractions from entering the mind while allowing a break for yourself to find your balance and to remain calm and focused at all times.

Use Downloadable Focus-Centric Apps

Use browser plugins or focus-centric smartphone apps to track meditation, tasks, and even to limit your browsing when completing tasks online. With a variety of app solutions on the market, try installing an option that best suits your lifestyle to keep you motivated with the changes you are implementing in your own life.

Disconnect From Electronics

Anytime you begin to feel overwhelmed and incapable of remaining focused, it may be time to take a step back from electronics for a short period of time. Disconnecting from your smartphone, internet, and other electronics helps you to relax and find balance without overstimulating your brain at all hours of the day.

Organize Your Environment

Getting organized when working and enjoying relaxation time is essential to avoid losing focus and quickly becoming distracted. Keeping a clean, welcoming, and organized environment allows you to maximize productivity while completing any tasks you have in mind without potential distractions.

Choosing Supplements to Boost Focus

Choosing the right supplement is one way to help boost your focus while decreasing the number of distractions you experience each day depending on your current lifestyle. One supplement that is ideal to help with both memory and cognitive support include Ceriva, aiding in neuroprotection to keep the mind sharp, balanced, and capable of remembering while keeping focused. Attencia is another leading supplement available from Metagenics, specifically designed with focus and cognitive ability in mind. Attencia helps to increase focus while promoting attention utilizing a blend of various ingredients ranging from green coffee bean caffeine extract to theanine combined together with guarana extraction. Additionally, Attencia also includes both zinc and essential fatty acids, helping to boost cognitive performance along with alertness simultaneously.

Learn more about the supplements Metagenics has to offer and learn more about which solutions are right for you when you want to cut down on distractions and boost your focus to entirely new levels.

Committing to the right changes in your current lifestyle is the first step to help decrease your focus while limiting daily distractions that keep you from maximizing your productivity. The more you remain self-aware, the easier it becomes to relax your mind and body so you are able to go forward with your everyday tasks without losing your ability to focus or interruptions.



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