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Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Brain health is a concern throughout our lifetimes; more seriously, as we age. Many diseases that affect the memory and brain become more evident as people get older, especially after age 50. However, there are several behaviors we can adopt to help maintain a healthy brain and reduce the onset of brain diseases.

The Alzheimer’s Association suggests that adopting healthy habits in four primary categories can have a positive effect on the brain throughout our lifetimes. These categories are exercise and physical health, nutrition and diet, social engagement and cognitive activity.

Exercise and Physical Health

Like other parts of the body, the brain is comprised of tissues that are fed nutrients through a vibrant and healthy blood stream. The brain is so complex that physicians and scientists are just scratching the surface of what the brain actually does. Yet even with this small amount of information, researchers know that a person with a physically healthy body and who commits to regular aerobic exercise is more likely to have a healthy brain throughout their lifetime.

Physical health is maintained by regular physician visits to check for health changes, and following an exercise routine to help maintain the muscle health throughout the body. It is important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program, but almost everyone can participate in some form of physical exercise. As we age, it is important to participate in routine health checks to catch any abnormalities while they are still minor. Modern medicine can help increase the quality of our senior years and help stave off brain issues for those who have them.

Nutrition and Diet

As part and parcel of staying physically healthy, nutrition is critical. To support your body, you must provide yourself with the nutrients you need including vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Your doctor can give you a basic outline of a healthy diet for your body, or you can seek help from a qualified nutritionist. Maintaining a healthy weight while ingesting the foods to power your body including the brain will make your life more productive and full of energy.

Supplements included in your diet can help support a healthy brain. OmegaGenics® DHA 600 is a supplement for adults that offers targeted support for brain health, cognitive function and eye health. Each OmegaGenics® DHA 600 softgel provides a total of 60 mg EPA and 600 mg DHA.  For children, there is a brain health supplement called MetaKids™ DHA. This supplement contains purified omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health. It comes in natural fruit flavors that children will love.

Another beneficial supplement is MCT Oil which can support cognitive health and some cognitive processes. It also increases ketones which can aid in weight loss and acts as a nutrient for muscles and the brain. You may also try Brain Octane by Bulletproof which can be added to food throughout the day for added energy. Brain Octane has is somewhat similar to MCT Oil, adding nourishment for the brain and body. To learn more about Brain Octane and it’s composition and effects, you can read this post.

Social Engagement

People are social creatures and not meant to always be alone. Each one of us has a difference requirement for social activity, but all people need to spend some time with others. Social engagement is one of the factors that helps our brains stay healthy and active. It is important throughout our lifetimes, including for young children and the elderly. It is true that senior citizens may get isolated as they age due to loss or distance of loved ones. Therefore, making an effort to attend group functions and visit with other people will help maintain brain health. It also helps alleviate loneliness and depression.

Cognitive Activity

It is not surprising that cognitive activity is a building block for keeping our brains healthy. Using our brains to think, create arts and crafts, play games and figure out puzzles is mental exercise for our “little gray cells” as Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot states. Whether you are teaching children, training for a promotion or showing signs of dementia, regular cognitive activities will help stretch mental muscles, so to speak, and keep the brain working longer. Nowadays, there are many online programs or mobile apps that you can use to help stimulate your mind in between other activities.

To learn more about Metagenics products and how they can help you maintain a healthy brain, contact us at 858-675-7072 to set up an appointment today with one of our expert team members, or you can visit our website at to learn more about what our clinic has to offer.



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