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Keeping Your Student Healthy This Fall

Keeping Your Student Healthy This Fall

The dog days of summer are well and truly here, and probably the last thing on your mind is textbooks and backpacks, bustling school buses, and crowded classrooms. But, believe it or not, the new school year is just around the corner. Before you know it, your little scholar will be headed out to begin the fall semester.

It is a good idea to begin preparing your child to sail safely through the cold and flu season. It all starts with preparing your student’s immune system.

Catching Z’s

One of the first things you can do to help boost your child’s immune system before the new school year is to ensure they’re getting enough sleep, even during these long, fun-filled days of summer. Sleep deprivation can severely compromise immune functioning and that makes it critical to practice good sleep hygiene. It is helpful to maintain a consistent sleeping and waking schedule, impose a strict “no digital device” rule at least two hours before bedtime (as these can interfere with sleep quality), and ensure your child is getting adequate sleep for their age and individual health needs.

Emphasize Hygiene

Let’s face it: children are not exactly the cleanest creatures in the world. But summer vacation is a terrific time to instill great hygiene habits in your children. Teach them the critical importance of frequent handwashing, as well as the use of alcohol-based sanitizers when water and soap are unavailable. Above all, show children how to properly wash and sanitize their hands, how to cough “into their elbow,” and how to wear face masks correctly, when necessary.

Nutrition and Supplementation

If you want to prime your student’s immune system for back to school health, then making sure your child receives the nutrients they need is key. Eating a well-balanced diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals is essential to immune functioning. However, some children may also require immune-boosting supplementation, particularly if they have a pre-existing condition or are exposed to high-risk environments, such as a packed classroom or school bus.

How Prime Wellness Can Help

At Prime Wellness, our team can help you design the ideal immune-boosting regimen for your child. We offer a range of supplements and adjunctive therapies specifically formulated to support immune health, including the Metagenics Immune Defense Pack. If your child requires back-to-school vaccination, our on-site nurse practitioner, Kimberly Stalnaker, offers vaccine consultations to help you devise the most effective and appropriate regime for your child. Contact us today to discuss how Prime Wellness can help you prepare the student(s) in your life for a healthy, happy school year ahead!


Specialty Services


Glutathione Nebulizer Treatment

Strengthen the immune system.

Glutathione Nebulizer Treatment

Beneficial for both adults and kids, Glutathione Nebulizer Treatments combat antioxidant deficiencies to support a stronger immune system. These treatments usually last 10-15 minutes.

Book a treatment today!


Vaccine Consults

Feel confident about your vaccine decisions.

Vaccine Consults

Our goal is to help you and your family remain educated about vaccines. We provide a safe place to explore options and ask questions about vaccines through Vaccine Consults with our Nurse Practitioner, Kimberly Stalnaker.

Call us today to book your consultation!


Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections are administered anywhere from weekly to monthly to help with anything from immunity, energy, and recovery, to adrenal stress reduction. We offer injections with B vitamins, vitamin C, glutathione, and more. Injections are done at our office as well as at several satellite clinics all through San Diego. No appointment is required, all places are on a walk-in basis for patients as well as the public. Click here to view our B12 injection schedule.


Product Recommendation


Prime Wellness will work with you to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and customize a treatment program to get you back to feeling your best – inside and out. Our team of naturopathic doctors and experts use advanced functional lab testing to uncover exactly what is causing your health concerns. This proven method takes the guesswork out of the equation so you get the right treatment program for you specifically, ensuring fast and effective results.


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