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Naturopathic Medicine: Smart Solutions For The Immune System

naturopathic medicine and solutions in San Diego

Our immune systems play an essential and vital role in protecting the body against a myriad of diseases, bacteria, and infections to keep us as healthy and strong as possible at all times. Whether you are looking to make a healthy change to your life or you want additional layers of protection on a daily basis, incorporating the best naturopathic solutions  for the immune system is a must.

What Are Naturopathic Solutions?

Naturopathic solutions are tools, vitamins, and methods of action that help individuals create a stronger and healthier immune system regardless of their age and current lifestyle. In combination with the right diet, naturopathic supplements often have drastic results in short periods of time.

Boosting your body’s immune system is not as simple as taking a prescribed medication or drinking more water. However, there are quite a few ways to help incorporate naturopathic solutions into your everyday routine to ensure you are doing the most possible to live a healthy lifestyle. Some of the best naturopathic solutions for the immune system include:

  1. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet and reducing or eliminating processed foods in addition to refined sugars and high amounts of carbohydrates

  2. Getting an adequate amount of sleep, oftentimes more than 8 hours if necessary

  3. Caring for your microbiome with the right solutions and nutrients

  4. Increase your Vitamin D intake

  5. Utilize herbs and herbal remedies whenever possible for added health benefits

  6. Monitor the amount you exercise–ensure you are getting enough but do not go overboard when trying to boost your immune system’s function

The Important Role of Nutrition and Vitamins in Conjunction With the Immune System

Nutrition is the essential factor in maintaining a healthy body, immune system, and overall lifestyle. One of the best ways to build up your immune system is through your everyday diet. Choosing the right proteins, fats, herbs, and nutrient-rich foods is a way to ensure your body is getting what it needs to remain strong and resistant. Garlic, elderberry, ginger, and traditional berries are just a few foods that are extremely potent and nutrient-rich, supporting the immune system, gastrointestinal function, and mental clarity. When preparing meals, opt for home cooked foods that are free from additives and processed ingredients to reduce inflammation while adding to a number of nutrients you receive from food.

Using a Complete Naturopathic Solution to Boost the Immune System

UltraFlora Balance is one of the best daily probiotics available that assists with both immune system function along with gastrointestinal health. The formula itself utilizes a blend of B. lactisBi-07 along with L. acidophilus NCFM in capsule form that is non-dairy. Clinical studies have shown the ingredients in UltraFlora Balance help to support both GI health along with immune system function, keeping your body aligned and working properly. In addition, UltraFlora Balance has also been proven to assist with providing a healthy balance of intestinal flora while facilitating the digestion of lactose, which is extremely beneficial for those who have stomach and intestinal-related illnesses, upsets, and diseases.

Contact Prime Wellness For Any Questions You May Have About Natural Medicine Today!

Implementing naturopathic solutions such as supplements, diet, and herbs at home together with the something such as UltraFlora Balance from Metagenics is a great way to provide your body with the protection and resistance it requires to remain functional and in optimal health. With the right lifestyle, diet, and nutrition changes in your life, it is possible to make drastic and permanent changes to the overall quality of your life in the future. Schedule an appointment with us today!



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