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PRP Injections: Skin Health, Hair Regrowth, and Aesthetics

PRP for Skin Health, Hair Regrowth, and Aesthetics.

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, has long been used in reconstructive surgery, dentistry, and orthopedic medicine to heal or help a vast number of physical ailments. Studies dating back more than 30 years have shown the many benefits of PRP in these specific medical areas. The good news?–More recent studies have shown PRP to be effective in other areas as well, such as dermatology and cosmetics. When it comes to PRP, truly the sky is the limit. Contact Prime Wellness for a PRP treatment consultation today!

So what is PRP? Simply put, PRP is a natural product created for and by your body to heal your body. And it’s as good as it sounds!

The PRP process works by collecting a small amount of blood from your body and placing it into a tube. The tube is spun, allowing the components of your blood–such as red and white blood cells–to separate, dividing the platelets and the plasma. Through this procedure, the plasma collected now contains more platelets than usual, which is why it is called “platelet rich plasma,” also known as PRP.

So what are the benefits of PRP? Let’s take a brief look at PRP for skin health, hair regrowth, and aesthetics.

PRP for Skin Health

Because platelets are responsible for tissue and cell growth, it makes sense that PRP would be highly beneficial for skin health in many ways. Specifically, PRP can be injected into problem areas of the skin, promoting collagen to grow, tissue to regenerate, and skin cells to heal. And because PRP is made from a person’s own cells, the possibility of rejection or negative side effects is virtually eliminated.

PRP for Hair Regrowth

Similar to how PRP works in general, PRP for hair regrowth works by drawing a patient’s blood, processing it, and injecting it directly into the scalp. The goal of PRP is to jumpstart hair re-growth in patients by increasing their blood supply specifically to hair follicles, thus thickening the hair shaft. Depending on the patient and the specific situation, PRP may be used in combination with other procedures or medications for the best possible results. PRP remains a promising non-surgical option for patients with hair loss.

PRP for Aesthetics

PRP harnesses a patient’s own ability to heal and rejuvenate skin. Specifically, PRP has been used to reverse the aging process or improve the look of skin in general. Called “The Fountain of Youth,” PRP has been known to repair aesthetic areas that have created years of concern for patients. Whether the issue involves aging, scarring, or something else entirely, PRP may be able to help when injected directly into the area of concern.

Bottom line: PRP will likely continue to have a beneficial role where skin health, hair regrowth, and aesthetics are concerned. As patients are becoming increasingly aware and satisfied with their PRP procedures and the health community is finding new and innovative ways to use PRP, interest will continue to grow.

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Contact A PRP Treatment Specialist In San Diego At Prime Wellness Today!

Whatever your health goals, we want to help. Whether you are looking for the perfect supplement or are ready to take the next step and talk to a professional about skin health, hair regrowth, or aesthetics, we want to hear from you. Our Clinic Director, Dr. Kelly Austin N.D., is a leader in bioidentical hormone therapy. Specifically, our clinic handles weight loss, vitamin injections, digestive concerns, IV therapy, stress/anxiety, thyroid consults, nutrition, detoxification, menopause, pre- and post-natal care, infertility, and pediatrics.



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