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Seven Reasons Why You Should Have Your Testosterone Level Tested

Men’s bodies rely heavily on testosterone to keep their bodies lean, and their muscles toned and fit, as well increasing their ability to enjoy a satisfying sex life. What happens to a man’s body when testosterone levels dip below optimal levels? Seven very troubling symptoms can result, causing stress and anxiety.

1. Weight Gain and Enlarged Breasts

Testosterone is the male hormone that builds strong lean muscle. When low testosterone levels occur in a man’s body the levels of the female hormone estrogen begin to rise, causing lean muscles to soften, weaken, and fat levels to increase. This increased fat usually accumulates in a man’s belly and chest area, creating the ‘beer belly’ and ‘man boobs’ people joke about.

Along with the accumulation of fat, low testosterone also causes muscle wasting and weakness, which can cause a man to shun any form of exercise. A vicious cycle is created, for without adequate exercise the muscles will continue to weaken, preventing any significant weight loss and increasing muscle wasting.  Working with a knowledgeable physician at Prime Wellness can help diagnose the vicious cycle of testosterone and formulate a highly effective treatment plan. 2. Reduced Bone Density

Low testosterone can affect a man’s bones, causing them to become weaker and more brittle over time. This reduced bone density can lead to osteoporosis and cause fractures and breaks. The longer low testosterone levels are allowed to continue the thinner and more fragile a man’s bones will become.

Other factors can also increase the severity of bone loss. The presence of diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, digestive concerns, or a diet of processed food low in nutrients can further damage the bones. At Prime Wellness, we offer our patients personal guidance in nutrition and detoxification of the body to help restore bone density.

3. Decreased Sex Drive and Performance

Low testosterone levels can significantly diminish a man’s desire for sex and can affect sexual performance with their partner. Problems achieving as well as maintaining an erection are common with low testosterone.  At Prime Wellness. our physicians will discuss possible treatment options to help you with low libido.

4. Depression and Mental Fog

Depression caused by low testosterone levels is common. Other symptoms, such as feelings of hopelessness, confusion, lack of motivation, and even a degree of forgetfulness can all be caused by low levels of testosterone.

5. Fatigue

Fatigue may be one of the most troubling symptoms associated with low testosterone.  The lack of energy and general vitality is caused by the excess estrogen and muscle wasting condition mentioned earlier.

6. Higher Risk of Heart Disease

Because low testosterone levels cause so many health problems such as obesity and loss of muscle mass, this condition is also thought to be a contributing factor in heart disease. Because low testosterone causes a man’s body to become weaker and unconditioned, the heart suffers as well.

7. Infertility

When a man’s testosterone levels begin to fall, so do semen and sperm counts. Such a situation greatly reduces the chances of conception with their partner.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

There are many causes of low testosterone, and the most common one is aging. When a man grows older, the testosterone levels naturally decline. However, younger men also experience low testosterone, resulting from the use of medications, injuries to the testicles, and the occurrence of serious diseases such as cancer.

Environmental factors are also known to lower the production of testosterone in the male body, such as Xenoestrogens. These toxic chemicals lurk in items we use every day, such as plastic food containers and personal care products. Xenoestrogens are found in some foods, and our homes are built using products that contain these chemicals.

Xenoestrogens are the culprits that disrupt our bodily functions by altering our hormone levels. In a male body, these chemicals block the hormone receptors of testosterone while increasing the levels of estrogen, causing a plethora of health problems.

Regaining Your Health

One of the keys to recovery from low testosterone and its debilitating symptoms is to have your testosterone levels checked by a professional. Here at Prime Wellness, we also offer viable solutions for your health concerns that can help you regain your vitality.

Prime Wellness is a naturopathic clinic that focuses on raising public awareness about the hidden dangers of low testosterone levels. Our physicians work closely with patients, using a broad spectrum of methods such as improved nutrition, natural health aids, as well as conventional medicine to help their patients recover and begin to thrive again. We also offer a vitamin store and a paleo kitchen for our patient’s convenience in locating the Metagenics supplements and nutritious food needed for healing.

Reclaiming your health and regaining your optimal energy levels is our mission at Prime Wellness. Don’t let low testosterone levels make your life miserable. We can help you.

At Prime Wellness we focus on raising testosterone levels and bringing your body back into alignment. With the appropriate treatments, your energy levels and sexual performance will increase significantly, and your mind will regain sharpness and clarity. Our physicians will also formulate a plan for nutrition to facilitate weight loss and remineralize your bones to increase their strength.



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