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Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Austin is the only San Diego based doctor trained to do bio-identical hormone treatment in the Wiley Protocol™ fluctuating pattern. This mimics your body’s exact production of hormones and puts your hormone levels at optimal functioning for the best quality of life. This is referred to as multi-phasic dosing of bioidentical (natural) hormone replacement therapy. Used to balance hormonal levels, it provides the following benefits:

  1. Build bone density

  2. Lower lipid levels

  3. Alleviate menstrual migraines

  4. Elevate mood and psyche

  5. Restorative deep sleep and dreams

  6. Skin improvements

  7. Improve sex drive

Explanation: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) should not be a static dose, as our hormones are not meant to be in a constant state all the time. Every hormone has its own rhythm of secretion, and we need to dose hormones as close as possible to mimic our natural cycles. This could enable us to achieve the peaks and valleys hormones need in order to create their own receptors and set the stage for the body to regulate itself. Every person would need a different amount of hormones based on their blood work and lifestyle.

What to expect: You will be working closely with Dr. Austin to get the best results for you. In individualized medicine, keeping track of your symptoms or patterns when they arise is key to dosing you appropriately. Lifestyle such as nutrition, supplements, medication, sleep all have a role in how you feel. Meal plans, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes will all be advised.



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