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Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing

These detailed results allow us to develop a comprehensive nutrition plan for the patient to follow based on her/his individual needs.

NOTE: Links to the Alcat website are for your information. You will receive the testing kits at the visit.

Food and environmental sensitivities Food and environmental sensitivities are at the root of many chronic symptoms,including congestion, fatigue, IBS, brain fog, and even behavioral issues. A simple blood test can help to determine which sensitivities are present, therefore helping to eliminate bothersome chronic symptoms and improve overall health. We use several different labs depending on your needs:

-Alcat – Comprehensive panels including food and environmental sensitivities. Price varies by panel.

-Cyrex – The definitive laboratory for comprehensive gluten sensitivity screening plus several arrays (panels) for multiple autoimmune markers, gut barrier integrity, and more. Price varies by panel.

-Genova – A serum antibody test that determines reactions to 87 foods, with optional add-on hypersensitivity reactions to additional foods, spices, and inhalants such as pollens and mold. $184 with some insurances.

-USBiotek – An easy fingerstick test measuring 96 various foods, with add-ons for inhalants and IgE foods. A great choice for kids as fingerstick testing is less invasive than a blood draw. Cash $139, add-ons $85 additional.

-ImmunoCap – Individual or panel immunological testing for food and inhalants through conventional lab companies. Panels can be used to formulate sublingual immunotherapy, an alternative to allergy shots. $6.50 per IgE antigen.

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