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Hcg for Weight Loss & Hormone Balancing

  1. 45-min initial visit + assessment + 2 wk meal plan

  2. 15-min follow-up visit

  3. hCG meal plan

  4. Prescription hCG (injections or sublingual prescription drops) – not homeopathic

  5. Syringes [/box] This is a prescription medication which requires daily injections or sublingual drops for one month. The process begins with an initial assessment to determine whether this is the best method of weight loss for you. Blood work will be done before the prescription in order to obtain a baseline of how your immune system and organs are functioning. A nutritional program is also used in coordination with the injections. Weight loss is quick with this protocol. To avoid feeling badly, and to get optimal results, we recommend our detox program prior to starting the shots. The detox meal plan is included in the price (supplements are extra).

You may want to do the 30 day program several times a year with the nutritional program for best results.



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