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Prolotherapy for Arthritis and Muscle Aches

A good quality of life is one of the most important things we could strive for. But for some of us, the aches and pains of years ahead makes that a hard task to achieve.

Let us start by making this year, the year you will live pain free by introducing one of the most effective treatments out there for aches and pains, prolotherapy. Many health concerns from acute to chronic conditions could benefit from this treatment such as arthritis, sciatica and joint pain. In addition, it works to release muscle spasms and trigger points so fibromyalgia patients really do well with it.

Prolotherapy involves injecting non-pharmacological solutions into the regions of ligaments, tendons, and specific local acupuncture points. This process works to help your body heal itself through its own process of inflammation and repair. It will strengthen the weak connective tissue and decrease pain. Usually 6-8 weekly treatments are needed to see results. Monthly maintenance shots may be required.

Seeing a naturopathic doctor that can perform prolotherapy has many benefits as they can also provide you with a complete treatment protocol consisting of a meal plan, exercise program and herbal medicines that are individualized to help your body heal from within.



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