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10 Day Detox Special!


Over time, the buildup of toxins from your environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way your body processes nutrients. At Prime Wellness, our comprehensive 10 Day Detox Program developed by Metagenics and implemented by our naturopathic Clinic Director, Dr. Kelly Austin, ND can help you enhance your body’s natural metabolic detoxification process, support weight loss, and help increase energy, and wellbeing. This detox system is proven to be extraordinarily effective for both and women who are looking to start the exciting journey towards their health goals.

Take advantage of our Clear Change 10 Day Detox Program and enjoy the following health supplements and personal guidance tailored to your specific health needs:

  1. 10 Day Meal Plan

  2. Metagenics Meal Supplement + Protein Powder

  3. AdvaClear – Metagenics Liver Detox supplement

Additionally, you will receive a 15 Minute Consultation to Get You Started in the right direction. Order the full package for only $120. (shipping is an additional $10). You will find everything you need to safely and successfully detoxify, without a disruption to your daily routine.  [28 Day Detox also available]

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification can best be described as a natural metabolic process where the dietary and environmental toxins we are exposed to daily are replaced by substances that are much less harmful to our health and lifestyles. Our detox program provides a way for the body to excrete these harmful substances. The is designed to address unhealthy dietary and lifestyle factors and reduce the unhealthy demands placed on your body and primary detox organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and colon.

As previously stated, we approach our treatments and best practices from an individualized viewpoint. This is not a one size fits all detox program. The health objective of a professional detoxification program is to create a personalized and safe treatment protocol that helps you achieve the highest possible level of wellness. In each case, your practitioner will prescribe various herbal and nutritional formulas along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to support and enhance your individualized detoxification processes.

The positive results of our 10 Day Detox Program include:

  1. A carefully supervised program that delivers Healthy Weight Loss: This is achieved through the identification and elimination of unhealthy foods along with positive lifestyle changes.

  2. Identification of Food Sensitivities: Most people don’t think about this unless they have been diagnosed with food allergies. Find out which foods and drinks may be causing issues that slow you down.

  3. Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Our program helps clients feel energized and refreshed. It also helps clients regain control of their lives.

  4. We always choose natural approaches with nutrition, herbs, exercise, lifestyle changes and vitamin/mineral supplements prior to resorting to prescription medication. By addressing root causes, and not just superficial symptoms, it frequently makes it possible for us to help our patients to discontinue prescription medications with their harmful side-effects in favor of a natural approach.

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