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A Vitamin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The old adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is still true in many aspects. While modern medicine works miracles curing illnesses, in most cases it doesn’t promote wellness. With the advances in biological science, we are even more aware than our ancestors were that eating healthy promotes wellness. If you look at a balance sheet with wellness at +100 and sickness at -100, not being sick or being cured of sickness puts us at 0, right in the middle. Wellness is a body with a healthy immune system, proper nutrition and vibrantly active anti-bodies that can fight off most illnesses. Wellness is promoted through regular healthy habits such as eating a well-balanced diet of primarily plant-based foods that are grown without chemicals, moderate regular exercise to keep our bodies moving and supplements to fill in the gaps for nutrients that we miss from our diet. These nutrients may be hard to digest, hard to source or just not available to us in the quantities we need them.

Encouraging Health in Children

Children are especially susceptible to illness due to several reasons.

  1. Children do not always eat healthy foods no matter how much we encourage them to.

  2. Children have incomplete immune systems because they have not built them up as much due to their young age.

  3. Children are exposed to other children at school who get sick.

  4. Children’s bodies are smaller and can get sicker faster than adults.

To help offset these circumstances, you can add healthy supplements to your child’s diet to help reinforce their immune systems and give them more power in the fight against illness. Two Metagenics products are highly recommended for all children to help build and maintain healthy bodies.

PhytoMulti® Kids

PhytoMulti® Kids is a chewable supplement designed to add a rainbow spectrum of phytonutrients to complement nutrients gained from foods. It contains 16 vitamins and minerals including the Vitamin C equivalent of eating one whole orange.  It is comprised of fruit and vegetable extracts that include blueberries, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, often the exact vegetables that children refuse to eat. It is a delicious flavor of tropical citrus that children love and great for those who cannot swallow tablets (adults included).

UltraFlora® Children’s

UltraFlora® Children’s is a probiotic formulated to promote digestive health with a blend of B. lactis Bi-07 and L. acidophilus NCFM® which help aid in a healthy immune system. It offers several benefits including clinically demonstrated support for GI and immune health, improves the balance of intestinal flora, may help with digestion of lactose in a chewable grape tablet.

Countering the Effects of Harmful Chemicals

There is no question that our children brush up against harmful chemicals on a daily basis without any intention. Chemicals are in our food, water and environment whether they were put there to fight germs, left from older construction or added to promote growth or preservation. We cannot eliminate them all from kids’ lives unless we live in an untouched wilderness, but we can protect our children’s lives and help them live longer and healthier ones through active encouragement of wellness practices.

Improve the wellness in your children by learning more about these Metagenics products or by learning more about how you can encourage wellness in your entire family. Contact Dr. Kelly Austin N.D. with any questions at



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